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my mocha cupcakes


so, this might be the best cake ever. it’s true. i’m not being arrogant. i am just stating a fact. bake them. you will see.

now for the disclaimer, i can say this because i did not make up this recipe. i found it here. but, as i have talked about before, one of the ways i exercise my creativity is by taking the good and making it awesome: rocking the rework.

so yes, tonight, the way i rocked this rework was by 1) turning the cake, into cupcakes (cuter!) and 2) swapping the mascarpone frosting for a coffee buttercream frosting. everything my friends–EVERYTHING–is better with coffee.

the result was unreal: mocha cupcakes that shocked me in their deliciousness. they are going to be my new staple gift cake i think. huzzah!

i also got the chance to try a new icing technique which was super fun. as i usually make round layer cakes, i have always been a little unsure of how to decorate cupcakes. i usually just end up putting it on with a small icing knife, but it ends up looking less than awesome. this great, silent, film short is a quick and easy tutorial for the technique i used. i watched it twice and feel like i was able to replicate it quite well on the first try, which is always encouraging.

wish you could come over and share them with me… cause i really shouldn’t eat them all… but i just might not be able to hold myself back!

sarah xo

p.s. the coffee buttercream frosting is a sarah oliver original: 250g unsalted butter, 3 cups icing sugar, 3Tbsp instant coffee (with a tiny dash of cold water to make into a paste–tiny dash). mix and pipe onto cupcakes!


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