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the thing about jeans…

…a good pair is hard to find!

two kids and three returns later, i think i have found some that work. are you kidding me?! and just for fun and purely to save you all some valuable time. i will tell you what i have learned.

1. low-rise are only for pre-baby or no-butt post-baby bodies. your hips change in pregnancy creating an inverted triangle effect below the hips meaning that your low-rise jeans really are just a law of physics away from falling down. and if you’ve got back, and girl, you know i do. you will be showing it off all day cause they will not stay on!

2. if jeans fit you in the dressing room, they will not fit you at home. twice i took back jeans because i did not know this jean buying fact. they stretch. even good jeans (ok this is a guess, i haven’t ever tested this out on jeans above $50). and they stretch just enough to make them look slightly too big and make you feel un-flattered and flabby. i know it’s risky, ‘what if this, and only this time, they don’t stretch and i just bought jeans a size too small.’ just risk it. you won’t regret it. today i bought some jeans i really didn’t think i could pull off cause they were juuuuust a little too tight in the dressing room, and by the time i had the kids in bed 5 hours later they were perfectly form fitting and flattering. awesome.

3. you don’t have to be skinny to pull off skinny jeans. i don’t have some long explanation for this. just encouragement from personal experience. i love skinny jeans, think they are so cute. didn’t wear them for 2 years cause i thought i couldn’t pull them off. tried some on, i was wrong! they are super cute in a size 2 (UK6) and a size 10 (UK14) if you accessorise well!

ok, go. be awesome in your jeans. and come back in a few days for something more meaningful and inspiring. ha!



  1. Yes, yes, yes. I LOVE skinny jeans. I think they are super flattering no matter your size. I feel you on the low rise. Post-baby body doesn’t go well with ’em. Not only showing your backside, but they are just low enough for your excess skin to flop over the top in the front. No thanks.

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