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proud to be an american

“for a while, on flights back across the atlantic from america to euroland, we are under the spell of america. instead of plonking ourselves down next to someone without a word we say, “hi.” maybe even indulge in a little conversation… for a week or so after landing, a form of what might be called ameristalgia makes us conscious of a rudeness in british life – a coarsening in the texture of daily life – that had hitherto seemed quite normal.

ten facts about americans:
1) the natives are friendly and hospitable.
2) they don’t all carry guns.
3) they are also incredibly polite.
4) they address bus drivers and bartenders as “sir”.
5) they aren’t constantly scared of being overheard.
6) they don’t start every sentence with an apology.
7) they have a can-do attitude.
8) they are also charming. and most charming of all, it rarely looks like charm.
9) they talk to strangers.
10) muddling on and making do isn’t a national pastime.” -geoff dyer (british dude)

i love this guy. this excerpt made me smile from ear to ear! my favourites: number 5 & 9. oh and i love england. but i really love being american.




  1. My favorite: 2 and 9. Some Americans think we all carry guns, at least those of us living in this neck of the woods (Oklahoma). We don’t. And, what’s a ‘Stranger’? Never met one. xx, Megan

  2. Favorites are 4 and 9. Regarding 5, I have decided after my visit to Notting Hill yesterday that I have become far more British than American. Every time I heard the loud Americans in London (and they really were the only ones I could hear) I thought, “Shh! Not everyone wants to hear what you’re saying!” And Euan pointed out today that I have definitely picked up the English intonation at the end of my sentences. Time for a visit home?!

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