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this week’s highlights

here are some highlights of the past week. i have had tons of thoughts swirling around my head and have started about 5 post drafts this week but have not had a moment to finish them. i am sure some week soon, there will be a barrage of posts that all started this month. look out for them. they will be awesome.

in the meantime, check out the fun we have been having, and all my new loves!

brook fraser. check out this song, and this one, and this one. oh my. i’m buzzing.

my new kitchen decor

this baby mobile! hoping to make one for my future little love, hero peacock.

learning–no wait–demanding to eat on our own!

trying on hats for autumn! all with lots of brotherly hugs, of course.

we have also been learning a little italian this week! i have a good friend who is italian and all the sudden sam has started noticing that when she speaks to her son–his fun little buddy, jacob–its in a different language. and sam thinks it is hilarious. so, we started teaching him some words for fun. so far on the list, ciao, pizza, pasta and basta, which means ‘stop!’ and, incidentally, is a word my friend uses quite a lot with the boys, so we thought it was useful!

ciao ciao. sarah x o



    • Thanks Diana! I was so thrilled when i stumbled upon it I just had to share. Are you going to try to make it? I would love to see a photo of your version.

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