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cutting a long back story short–that i will hopefully get around to sharing with you all someday soon if the babies cooperate and give me more than 5 minutes on the computer–i am in love with dresses. for this girl with post-baby curves, i believe they are the beautifully feminine answer to feeling great at an un-ideal weight. i didn’t really mean to rhyme that…

i love this dress.

i just bought this dress.

and since this dress is only available in sizes 0-24 months, i am just going to have to live vicariously through rae.

what style of outfit or item of clothing makes you feel the most beautiful or confident?

love, sarah


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  1. Love love love dresses. You just throw one on and you look instantly fabulous. it is the best pick me up ever. Dress. Ponytail. Red lips. Three things. Instant chic. And the dress you just bought is fantastic.

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