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i’m still here

and i’m still awake! i have just been super busy with life, kids, house, coffee shop designing (oooh it’s gonna be good!), guitar playing and general comings and goings. it’s been fun but alas no time has been made for writing.

here’s a photo log of my adventures. i’ll be back soon. i promise!


a very fun where’s wally? (waldo for the yanks) birthday party


turning this


into this (much more trouble than it was worth)


lots of swinging at the park


our first ‘big boy’ swing


a crazy swing together (note: long sleeves. its august…???)


and sam’s first game of rounders…yea it’s like a strange, english version of baseball. i can’t help but think our (american) version is superior, which i am sure surprises noone! but hey, he had fun playing it, and i had fun making fun of it, so win/win! wink wink, nudge nudge, sarcasm and all that.

what have y’all been doing with your summers’? i would love to hear about them. post a link to your blog or photos if you want! see you soon, love sarah



  1. coffee shop designing?! i want to hear more about THAT!! and we love dress up parties. where’s wally, or waldo, or whomever would be a fun theme! sadly, we’ve spent so much time inside this summer – the last couple of months have been SO HOT. but this next week i plan to take the littles to a water park and MAYBE even horseback riding in our final few days before school starts. 🙂

  2. Hiya Sarah, before I head off and watch The Mentalist (a show I highly reccomend if you like quirky American cop comedy/drama kinda shows!) I thought I’d just say in reference to the baseball/rounders thing, I think I remember baseball being invented and the English rounders was based upon that model. Its the same with basketball and netball. Hope that helped.

    John x

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