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our all time favourite: the lives of others

randomly, richard and i were asked–twice–in the past week what our favourite film was. i honestly can’t remember the last time that question was popped, so it took us a while to remember, but when we did it was like one of those, ‘oh…yea!’ moments. we both exchanged a look and knew, on our next date night, it was gonna get rented.

then, this morning. richard says to me, ‘you are never going to guess what is on BBC iPlayer…the lives of others!’ our movie! truly random and truly exciting. i adore good films. and this one, is truly great.

i remember the first time we saw it. we were having one of our amazing, pre-kid dates that lasted all day long. we hit the picture house in cambridge, sat on some massive, red, oversized couches in their cafe and read books for a few hours in between cappuccinos, then headed upstairs to watch a film we had never heard of, but liked the look of. so glad we did.

right now, whilst getting ready to run out of the house with 2 little monkeys climbing on me, i cannot find the headspace to find the words to describe why we loved it so much…it would have been witty, it would have been inspiring. but you will just have to watch the movie your self to see what i mean.

it is available here for free, all weekend for those of you in the uk until about 1am, mon, 15 august. if you are outside the uk you can buy it off itunes.

i hope i haven’t bigged it up too much. enjoy!



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