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i love a good idea

and this one, i thought was so fun. for national play week, bedford created a beach front feel right in the centre of town and called it, bedford by the sea. it was so fantastic!



with the sea of beach loungers, massive sand box (complete with shovels, pails and sand castle molds!), seaside games and chip shack, it was truly like going to the beach for the day.



rae was loving the sand in her toes (yes, they are painted lavendar. she asked for it, i swear!). she also loving eating the sand, which made for a very pleasant nappy change later in the day as i am sure you don’t want to image.

anyway, the event was very well pulled off i thought, and the sun even came out in support! i love it when random, exciting things happen in my week that i haven’t been expecting.

xo sarah



  1. Pia

    It’s on every year! Great fun every time – I just don’t really like Punch and Judy. Though the little ones do.

    There’s Bedford Events on Facebook – it tells you about all these things. Bedford is actually quite an exciting little town – there’s a lot of events and happenings!

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