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the thing about photography…

…its not my thing.

i mean i want it to be. i really do. but i am a dreamer with a list a mile long and although i pretty much want to do everything on that list ‘so bad’ they do have some sort of priority order and sadly (seriously, i am sad about this) photography is too far down for me to look into right now. depending on how many dreams i fulfill and how many more i add, it might never reach the top. i used to feel like this was a failure on my part, but perspective comes with age (haha, i’m only 30, you may all giggle…) and kids and you realise that it’s not a failure, it’s a choice. for example, i chose to do a breastfeeding support course and help start a coffee shop instead of buy a camera and snap away. i chose to do these things with my limited free time, and i’m cool with it. but i do still long for amazing photos.

enter, if you don’t have an iPhone, get one, so you can get this app. if you do have an iPhone, get the app and follow me, @stayingawake. i love it loves me. and it has possibly, i hope, saved my blogging.

i’ll explain. i may be way off, but from where i’m sitting, being a blogger has become somewhat synonymous with being a photographer. not just a person who takes pics, but a proper photo-genius who takes way cool, artsy, awesome pics. i mean, i get it. people like posts with pictures more than posts without. even better, posts with way cool, artsy, awesome pics. i know i do. and since i have no idea when, if ever, i will be the one taking said photos, i am hoping you will all, for now, be cool with the awesomeness that has to offer.

however, if in your travels you long for the real deal. please head over to great smitten where my lovely friend, faith dwight, is rocking the legit-photos-blogging thing. she is a great writer, successful blogger, and now a budding photo-genius. its true. she gets more awesome everytime she takes a snap. and, incidentally, will be doing a little photo shoot of our sweet fam in the very near future. holla!

i mean just look at what i am in for! those are her boys right there. have i mentioned i can’t wait? i’ll be sure to share the beauty with you when i get them.

happy monday!

xo sarah



  1. I loved this post! I stumbled upon it after doing a general search for the word ‘photography’ and I’m glad I was able to read it! I urge you to continue writing…even if you never get the chance to get into photography. I love your witty style of writing. Most of all, however, and I don’t know if it’s purposefully or not, but I love that the lack of capital letters! In my opinion, it personalizes the blog even more. Anyhow, great post!

    If you find a moment, please visit my photoblog at the link provided below. I am fairly new to photography so any comments and/or critiques will go a long way. Thanks!

  2. hi jerry! thank you so much for your encouraging comment. i am so glad you found and enjoyed reading stayingawake! congrats on following a dream of yours. i hope it goes really well and that you love every minute of it. xo sarah

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