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my all-time favourite

a beautiful, melancholy song for sad days

like i have mentioned recently, on bad days, music gets me through when not much else does. today, i am feeling really homesick. a few dashed hopes of a summer visit to the states have left me feeling more homesick than ever. it stinks to be this far away from the people and homeland i love.

so of course, when i am missing the great planes of oklahoma and the amazing skies of texas, i listen to caedmon’s call, a band from the south that has been my comfort and favourite for 14 years now. their music and lyrics taught me about god when i first decided to walk with jesus, i learned how to harmonise listening to danielle sing. they are the reason i started playing guitar. but the biggest attraction was their authenticity. they always felt to me like they had fought through the malaise of church culture and found an authentic faith, something i craved in those first days, and still do.




  1. I love Caedmon’s Call, my fave song is 40 Acres, though I no longer have their CD’s I still hum the tunes to myself. Its nice to see another fan lol

    • hi john, thanks for commenting! 40 acres is definitely in my top 5 cc favs. reminds me of home! i love it that a bedfordian loves a texan band. come on. i must be having some southern american influence in this strange town 😉 sarah xo

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