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the thing about creativity


…it’s not just about art.

now, i love art and am married to an artist. so, this is NOT at all a diss on fine-art! just an encouragement for those who maybe are not fine-artists and, as a result, have felt un-creative.

for the non-artist, art can feel very intimidating. or at least it did to me. and when you feel intimidated, it is easy to leave creativity to the fine-artists and only value that creativity which is museum or revenue worthy. i find this so sad because then, those who do not have a specific, artistically creative expression can feel as though they are not creative. and it is simply not true!

in the beginning god created the heavens and the earth. he is a creator. we are made in his image. we are all made to create. whether its art, or spreadsheets, or strategies, or cooking, or music, or dance, or re-doing things or craft.

what about creating joy in others by our sense of humour?! or creating a peaceful atmosphere with our prayer life? creating community by our inclusiveness? creating confidence by mothering or fathering in a loving way? creating new limbs with our faith, businesses with our intelligence? creating safe atmospheres for people through our excellence in organisation?!

creativity is not just about art. and i want to shout it from the mountains because this is a lie i have believed for such a long time. (and, incidentally, a soapbox i have been on for a while so please do forgive me!)

i have a challenge for us: let’s all try to notice the beauty in un-typically creative things over the next week. for example, i love seeing a friend happy again through creating a safe and loving environment. or how about creating an atmosphere where people can connect? thats why i love coffee shops. they are hubs that foster community. the results, i am sure, will inspire you. (and do, please, share in the comments as well!)

i think that we are all creative in our own unique ways because our daddy is creative and he made us like him. let’s start recognising it in ourselves and those around us and get creating! the world will be so much cooler and prettier for it!!


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