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wake up you mother!


so, i have been doing a lot of posts about everyday life as me, and some about living deliberately and of course, as per my blog title, i’m on a mission to–say it with me everyone–stay awake!

well, there is one part of me, that for the life of me i cannot wake up. can you guess? ok, i’ll tell you. my freaking post-baby abs. yea. sound asleep. so asleep in fact that they have been shirking their ‘girdle’ responsibilities for years and my back is now in a really bad state. and is, quite frankly, not happy about it. so, to punish my abs, my back has decided to pinch my sciatic nerve in a desperate, last ditch effort to get the support it needs.

it is not nice. i have had enough. so, what thoreau will do for the mind and the bible for the heart, so pilates–we hope!!–will do for my tummy.

my first class was tonight. hardly moved. certainly didn’t break a sweat. but, i have been told this is ok and that ‘these things take time’.

did i detect some stirrings? or have my abs once again hit the snooze button? only tomorrow will tell.

nighty night!

UPDATE: due to much interest, here are the details for my pilates instructor. teresa is amazing. encouraging, challenging and a specialist in post-natal core strengthening. she has come highly recommended and after one personal (free!!!) session and one class, i am sold.


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  1. WAY TO GO!!!! I’m all about waking up the physical body! Unfortunately, I am my most flabby and fat I have ever been. Granted, I am pregnant so I have an excuse BUT I miscarried my last little bean in January and never lost the weight I gained from that experience so I started this pregnancy much flabbier. Blech. I just tell myself to take it easy and once babe is born, and nursing well underway, that then I can hit attack mode.

    Sarah, way to rock the body awakening! You go girl!

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