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project potty training




i have been dreading this since before i even had kids. no exaggeration. but several weeks of false starts and a few external factors conclude that it, in fact, is time. sam’s about as thrilled as i am. so to boost our excitement i (thanks to some fab advice from friends) have created some incentives.

first, we pimped his potty. for my cars loving boy, a lame, white, plastic potty becomes a finn mcmissile potty!! complete with cars meanie, professor z, inside for sam to ‘shoot to kill’ with his wee. all very exciting.

second, a sticker chart. a wee, a poo and a good try all get a sticker. and ten stickers buys a new car from the shops.

third, an interactive lesson from daddy.

fourth, a week at home in the sun, in the garden, naked, so it all sinks in fast.

sam and i are both nervous. we had a little pray together this morning that we would have fun and chill out.

here’s hoping!!

i would love to hear your potty training stories and tips! i am sure they will both encourage and entertain us all!

love sarah



  1. Ohhh good luck with it!! I know what you mean; potty training has ALWAYS been my most-dreaded part of parenting, even before having a kid. We’re just beginning to potty train our daughter – although we’re not taking it very seriously yet, I guess we sort of want to put off the yuck… lol

    • Hi Stace! Thanks for the comment! I am sure this is the moment of dread for most parents but half a day in, it isn’t going too bad. I have been pleasantly surprised. πŸ™‚

  2. GreatSmitten

    Someone at DadTalk said to put ping pong balls in the toilet and let your little boy have target practice. πŸ™‚

    • Now that sounds fun!! I think that will be step two after the all important step one: noticing when you are about to blow, quick enough to make it on-time! Thanks Faith!

  3. Mindy Magsig

    Good luck! I was dreading it with Luke, but it was 4 days and then it just “clicked.” Someone recommended “3 Day potty training” which you can find on-line. If you get desperate, check it out. It’s worked for a ton of moms I know with boys. I’ll probably be re-reading b/c I’ll soon start with Levi *sigh*. Just don’t give up…and remember that he still won’t be in diapers when he goes to prom πŸ™‚ Let me know if you have any questions or need a cheer leading session!

  4. um #1 i love your brit-speak. seriously. do you have an accent now too? #2 encouraging and no punishing = rewards for doing it and asking often if they have to go! we always did jelly beans, one for a pee pee (as we say in planet america) and two for a poo poo. #3 it’s a good start for the day if you can catch that first potty when they wake up in the morning. that way you have a better chance at timing when they need to go next. start with making them go every half hour until you can stretch to once an hour. good luck momma!

    • thanks so much missy! he is doing good at going when he feels he needs to, but refuses to go when i ask him…so i am just going with it! and no, i do not have an accent now. but honestly, no one understood my usa speak, so i modified! it was just easier to adapt than explain!! so its brit-speak with a texas twang. endearing i think πŸ˜‰

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