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an experiment

my to do list today included cleaning the house, baking a cake for our sweet friend malachi, who is turning one this week, and doing lots of laundry. a day at home to be sure. and i was feeling daunted all day about how in the world i was going to bake that cake with the kids around. i mean, i knew it would got done. but how would we all stay sane and have fun in the process? or more to the point how could i do it without losing my rag with the kids?

answer: planned mess

it worked. the cake is in the oven as i type, the kitchen has been tidied up by myself AND sam (rae contributed by keeping us entertained in her seat) and i only got mildly frustrated when sam repeatedly stuck his licked fingers in the batter. sorry mali, good thing heat kills germs!

the icing on the cake (oh dear please excuse pun!!) was that this planned messy cooking time used up almost two hours of our day!! a fabulous time filler in the wait for daddy’s return.

how do you get jobs done with your kids around? does it help to include them or do you find it stresses you out more than merely trying to distract them while you work? due to richard’s new job and longer hours i am experimenting with this so i would love to hear your thoughts!

love sarah



  1. Props to you, Sarah. I, unfortunately, get REALLY frustrated. I want to be that mom that lets her children “help” clean, cook etc but every single time I end up extremely frustrated. I usually give them something else they can do, or if daddy is home I ask him to take charge until I’m done. Would love tips on how they can help! 🙂

  2. I usually have them “help”. But ‘helping’ means more preoccupied than actually responsible for cleaning. Like giving them water in a spray bottle and asking them to clean the floors or outside of the appliances with it. Then I clean the dishes and they are randomly spraying stuff. Other things I have them do to help: sweep, fold towels ( easy for me to re-fold quickly), give them a washcloth & have them ‘clean’ the items in the recycle bin…It keeps them from making a major mess and they think they are helping. Thats what I do.

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