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so it’s official



yes, that is a knit boob. read on. i will explain!*

today is a momentous day. they day i get to tick the first thing off of my dream list!!!!

if you don’t know about dream lists and active dreaming, please stay tuned. i am literally leaving my house after i finish this post to go listen to a talk on dreaming, so i am sure i will have lots more to share. but to keep it short (cause i am running late!), a dream list is quite simply a list of all of your dreams…bet you didn’t see that coming. the dreams can range anywhere from wanting to take a beach vacation with your husband sans kids, screaming from a rooftop, or writing a book. they can be spiritual, trivial, mundane and fantastic. and compiling this list of dreams, whatever they may be is a sure fire way to stay awake and live deliberately. so of course, i am all for it!

anyway, back to today. today, i received my certificate of qualification as a breastfeeding peer supporter with the breastfeeding network. i could not be more excited about what this means. the dream was this: to help women who want to breastfeed succeed at, and enjoy, breastfeeding for as long as they choose to do it. as of today, i am now qualified, in a small capacity, to do this. if there are glaring medical problems or complications with feeding that exceed my knowledge, i can find the woman suitable support. but as for the everyday woman who just needs that little bit of confidence and empowerment in the (almost) lost art of breastfeeding. i, my friends, can do it! officially!

step one: undertake the ever so satisfying task of checking the first dream off my list as completed.

step two: call the hospital and find out if they need any volunteers on the postnatal ward and get going!

*oh yea. the knit boob. we were each given one as part of our course! i mean, how else are we supposed to show the right technique when the BfN has an (appropriate!) ‘hand’s off’ approach?! duh! knit breasts! you know you all want one too. sam calls it mommy’s special ball. ahahaha!



  1. Sarah,

    I so enjoy reading your blog! You have such a fresh perspective on things. And I love the honesty that is woven throughout your words!

    Beth Beard

  2. Sarah, firstly – and most importantly, congratulations on achieving a dream thats close to your heart. And secondly, I WANT ONE OF THOSE BOOBS! Seriously they look super brilliant lool.

    John xx

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