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what gets you through


it has been a little crazy the past week or so. richard started a new job. sam is going through a growth spurt and rae is teething.

the new job is in cambridge. it is such a blessing and we are so thankful. it does mean, however, that richard’s commute has been increased by about 20 minutes either side of the day. so my day alone with the kids has been extended by almost an hour. it doesn’t sound like much when i write it down, but, in the morning, that’s my ‘kid-less’ shower and getting ready time, and in the evening, well, its the evening. one minute longer without daddy in the evening when we are all tired feels like an hour. plus, richard is tired and worn out from the adjustment and commute, so he needs more of me. and sam’s growth spurt means he is never full and super tired and probably in pain, hence some crank. and well, we all know what the teething does.

it is not bad, just a change that needs adjusting to. and that always takes time.

what keeps me going is creative inspiration, worship, good music and sweet conversations with friends. and today, reading this post from katie over at skunkboy creatures has helped me feel not so alone. we may have never met, and may live across an ocean from each other, but it is comforting to know i am not the only one having ‘that’ week.

what do you find gets you through. what keeps you alive and hopeful when your week throws you a curve ball?

here’s to getting through still smiling!

sarah xo



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