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our thursday adventure


before i start…look at that face. honestly. i love him.

this past thursday we went on a (huge) adventure! wait for it…we got to actually ride on a bus. i mean, it was momentous. and sam has been talking about it for days!

it was such a small thing. my car was in the shop getting its radiator fixed and we were all getting a little stir crazy and had exhausted all walking to be done in our new village. at least i had felt we had (no wonder kids get up to mischief in villages! nothing to see!). can you tell i am a city girl, living in the country cause her boys are country boys?!

mama needed a little urban fix, so i–for the first time since having kids–braved public transportation into town. and we had a blast. we went thrifting and picked up a special little vintage item for each of us for under £5. a cute vintage apron for mommy, an etch-a-sketch for sam! and a sweet little coin purse for rae. she loved putting my keys in and out, in and out, in and out.

then we had some coffee and then rode the bus home. it was a few hours, but for sam it was like being on a crazy, wild adventure. it was so cute to watch him. i mean, its a bus for crying out loud. but it made me think about all the wonder there is in the world that i skirt right past. i have become so cynical!

here’s to learning how to live again from your 3 year old.



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