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it’s a girl thing


it was a momentous day. a rite of passage really. rae started walking a few days ago. so it was time for her first pair of shoes. and no place (in england anyway…well ok, in england that we could afford!) makes a bigger deal about a little girls first–of many–pairs of shoes, than clarks. they size you, and bring out lots of tiny, sweet shoes and you try them on and hobble around in them like a big girl, because, well, you can walk now. it is so fun. and they take a picture to capture the moment for you. love it. i also love how sam looks like he could care less. bless him. he did really well letting me enjoy the moment with rae.


now that we are big enough to have one of these pics, it just had to be done.


and, obviously we had to taste them, because, well, its what you do with your first pair of shoes. isn’t it?



  1. Abi

    Rae must take after her mummy – kissing her cute shoes cos she loves them so much! Go Rae! xx

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