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10 the green: chapter 1


this is the step where my kids used to sit and have their breakfast everyday. it was the border between the dining room and the kitchen at our old house and they LOVED to sit there while i did my jobs. it was so sweet. they would have their snack here, listen to music here. it was their constant perch and we miss that step, but it is literally the only thing we miss!

the house move adventure actually started around christmas time. we spent a month in oklahoma with my parents over the holiday and got spoiled. the space was amazing. the house huge and open plan. and it’s not as if my parents are loaded or anything. it is just the culture in the south to have a spacious house with a nice sized garden (lawn for us yanks).

walking back into our english, terraced house felt so claustrophobic. it may sound dramatic, but i felt as though i lived in a matchbox and was longing for some more space. sam was too. he is a big, boisterous boy that needs to run and be crazy. he is like a puppy. if he doesn’t get enough time outside he demolishes the inside. we were all going a little stir crazy before christmas, and my parents house had been a breath of fresh air.

richard grew up in a large house as well. he has fond memories of exploring the nooks and crannies of his parents victorian home and making dens in their massive garden. we spent several night reminiscing about how we had grown up and sharing how we hoped for our kids to have the same. there were no conclusions made during these first few weeks in the new year, only conversations about where we were and where we wanted to be. moving back to america was toyed with (and is and always will be on the cards) but it didn’t feel right for right now. we knew, and know still, somewhere deep down that bedford is where are meant to be for now.

(side note: i argue with god about this on a regular basis, but when i gave my life to him, well… i gave him my life. and right now, i’m pretty sure my life is here. its hard, i miss my mom. but god is good. he gave someone the idea for facetime and that makes it a lot easier! ha!)

after these weeks of conversations and dreams and hopes and longings we said a brief prayer, gave it to god knowing he loves us and wants good things for his kids and went on our way. i would love to say i was content and happy, well, i suppose i was in a weird way. that’s the funny thing about longing. i was grateful and thankful, but dissatisfied and hoping all the same.

little did we know, a friend of a friend of ours was longing for exactly what we had…

stay tuned, chapter 2 is coming soon!



  1. Cindy

    I miss you too sweetie! But I’d much rather you be in God’s will in England, than in the US and out of His will. I am so thankful God provided you this house. He has blessed you beyond measure with an amazing husband and two beautiful children. Thank you for pursuing God with such passion. You bless me!!!
    I love you, Mom.

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