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rae’s party

my sweet little girl turned one this past week and we had a suitable celebration in her honour! here are a few pictures capturing the moments.

the party dress (courtesy of lulu!)

the homemade bunting (my first try!)

the white chocolate and sour cream cake (and cupcakes)

the wheelbarrow rides (courtesy of daddy)

and lots of ‘acting like a big girl’



  1. Seriously? How absolutely adorable, Sarah! Love the homemade banner (bunting???? must be the brit word for banner! Ha!) White chocolate sour cream cake sounds divine! And what a darling little one year old you have, too! Don’t know if you know we’re are joining the Haven ministry in Portugal sometime this summer (support raising right now). We will have to come visit you guys in your divine country home sometime (if you’ll have us!) 😉

    • janice, that sounds amazing. what an adventure to go to portugal! and so much closer to me! i am very excited about this. to say you are welcome here anytime is the understatement of the century!

  2. Sarah, your children are amazingly cute and fun (totally unbiased statement from Papa)!
    And great timing on the move! Your garden is an awesome place for the party.

  3. Kathy

    The party looks fantastic, but the most amazing thing I saw are the gorgeous kids! You and Richard do good work!

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