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where to start

it has been an embarrassingly long time since i have posted. mostly to do with the house move, some to do with my new course (more on this later) and a little to do with losing momentum because of the house move, and not knowing where to start. hence the post title.

but i am determined not to let the time spent away or my ever growing to do list intimidate me any longer. i’m back.

sigh of relief.

i am also going to spend the rest of the evening making lists. i do a lot. and i love doing a lot. but i want to make sure that i can do all of these things well. staying awake means doing what you love, but i think for me it also means doing it excellently. if that means ditching some stuff, fine. if it means shelving it for a later date, that’s ok. if it just means getting more organised (and those who know me know i need it!) then i need to get cracking. so a list will be made. my roles. what responsibilities i have in those roles. the time they take and how to fit it all without going nuts or ignoring my kids!

on this long list, i’m afraid blogging is not the number one priority, i’ll be honest. but i love it and i love sharing my journey. so, i hope you will forgive the intermittent posts, look forward to the regulars and share your own journeys to stay awake through your comments because i love to hear them and love to be inspired!

here is a bit of what you can expect over the next month:

more of my new (old thing)

the story of the house (in parts i am sure!)

and lots of rock the rework posts!!!! my new house has given me LOTS and lots of opportunities to be creative, and i am about to share. get. freaking. excited!


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