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rock the rework: kids bookcase

we have had our first rock the rework submission!

beth is a nurse and super creative mommy of 2 who has a similar love for all things vintage and second hand. everytime i go to her house i see something new that i love. she not only has a good eye for great finds, she has such a creative way of using them. for example, her vintage butcher’s weighing scales is her fruit bowl. so cool. i must get a pic for you guys.

reuben and savannah’s bookcase is no exception.

I love my kids book case as it simply consists of a favourite
second-hand vintage trunk atop my husbands little cupboard from when
he was a boy.

we love it too beth!

i would love to see how you guys have done up old things or, as beth has done, just got creative about how to use something old in a new way!

don’t forget to send your subscriptions to: with the subject as, ROCK THE REWORK SUBMISSION, and include, 1) a before and after photo, 2) a small description of your inspiration for the idea and 3) a little how to, just in case someone wants to try it out for themselves.


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  1. PK

    Ok so i have to send you some pictures from my house !!! Love your blog my friend.

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