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a retraction


some of you may remember my rather scathing post about tea a few months back. if you missed it, catch up here, and don’t judge too harshly!

it was a rant. it’s true. i was angry at the desperate lack of genuinely fabulous coffee here in the uk. i was pissed that i had to travel far for a proper, smooth, well-pulled cup o’ joe. and tea took the blame. it wasn’t fair on tea. and so, i am retracting the following statements:

‘the thing about tea…it sucks.’

the fact of the matter is. tea doesn’t suck. it was good writing. a catchy phrase to get you sucked in. the truth is, in the absence of my preference, i drink a good cup of tea at least once a day. still in my favourite coffee mug, though. i’m not giving that up. and the next:

‘if i had been alive then, i for sure would have donned some feathers and thrown a few crates of pg tips into the sea.’

now, my attraction to ‘sticking it to the man’ and general revolution doesn’t permit me to completely retract this statement. i still would have donned some feathers and tossed a few crates overboard, but not pg tips. the little pyramid bags would have been shoved in my pockets for later while i found an inferior tea to throw into the atlantic. again, catchy writing trumped the truth.

sorry tea. sorry pg tips. you have been good to me. i wasn’t playing nice.



  1. damionmiller

    That word p****d is a naughty one in the UK. Yorkshire tea is far far superior to PG. 2 rebukes, please sort your life out Oliver.

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