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rock the rework: play kitchen

my 2-yr-old boy, sam, loves ‘helping’ me cook and loves playing pots and pans. however, there are currently only 2 different kinds of wooden play kitchens on the market. both over £60. and the horrid plastic ones are even more expensive. so, i thought i would have a go at making him one! richard and i had so much fun with this and now sam has an exact replica of my fabulous, stoves, mini-range cooker (to see an example click here). however, he still wants to play on ‘mommy’s’ oven…nice try mom. nevermind, rae loves it!

cost: old bedside cabinet (castle road junkshop)=£10, roasted pumpkin paint in eggshell (dulux)=£12, brushed nickel handles (ikea)=£5, wood for backing (my loft)=free!, black paint (my loft)=free!, vintage fender guitar knobs (gift from damion miller)=free!

total cost: £27

how we did it: 1) i gave it a good sand down to create a surface the pain could adhere to, 2) several coats of orange paint, 3) painted top and extra bit of wood black, 4) painted small circles on backing wood to highlight the vintage fender knobs, and painted larger circles onto top for the burners (used cookie cutters as stencil for both), 5) drilled holes through the small circles and put on knobs with screws so that they turn!, 6) wood glued the back onto the unit, 7) drilled holes for handles and attached handles.

it took us about a week as we were only working during naptimes and evenings, but was so worth doing! a play kitchen for under £30 that actually enhances the interior design of my house. who would have thought!



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