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my new (old thing)

i am loving my new vintage phone. now, it took me almost 5 minutes to dial my mom’s number yesterday–international numbers, i mean seriously, they are unnecessarily long– and i can’t walk around the house cleaning while i talk to her, but i don’t care. it looks so damn cute in my house! and, to be honest, there was something nice about sitting down and focusing on talking to my mom. i sat in my comfy chair and twirled my hair and talked and listened to her and payed attention. instead of trying to do a million things while talking. it was restful and enjoyable and it made me slow down a bit. i was living in the moment, doing one thing. and i like that.




  1. Cindy MacIlvaine

    I loved our chat yesterday on your vintage phone. There is something to be said for mono-tasking. Thanks for taking the time to talk. I love you sweetie!


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