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the thing about leaving a legacy…

…it’s not just about sharing our victories. passing down a legacy to our kids, our friends, the next generation, will not be successful if we do not share our mistakes as well.

this is hard. it takes vulnerability. it takes fighting through fear, condemnation and guilt. it takes fighting the enemy that would keep us silent. but to share, from your heart, with the people that you are leading, or your children, the mistakes that you have made. to share the pain, the defeat, the regret with them, is to encourage them to live better.

if we only share our victories, and in fact if we react to our own mistakes with gracelessness and silence, we do not train them in how to deal with what will, inevitably, come in their lives. the people we lead, or our children, will only be left feeling as if they have to live up to the incredible victories that we have shared. they will be left feeling shame and contempt for their own mistakes. they will be paralysed by fear of failure. or driven by a need for perfection.

a legacy will be left. but not one that inspires or reaches out to a dying world. not one that loves and serves.

but if we share our mistakes. if we take courage and fight fear and shame in our own lives. if we will share our regret and say, ‘i want better than this for you!’ if we will model what it looks like to have grace for ourselves when we mess up. if we will model repentance and acceptance of god’s forgiveness. then, we will leave an incredible legacy.

if we show people who god is by how we act. if we show them that he is not an angry god, who gets pissed off at our mistakes, but a loving father who grieves with us when we make a mistake and works with us to respond better next time. if we did that. wow. that would start to change the world.

our children, the next generation, people in our small group, our friends, indeed everyone we come in contact with, will receive something fresh. something empowering. they will feel a little less pressure to perform, a little more confidence to step out in courage themselves. they will learn what it is to live without shame. they will know love. they will know what it is to live with a little less fear.

and NOTHING is impossible when you do not fear anything, and when you know you are loved.



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  1. leanne Hill

    and Yet again,this is so inspiring to me! J n i lead a small group in our church here in portugal and we love doing it. though,though,somthing i think i have always struggled to over come compleatly While being in and serving in our church over here,being ” The Pastors Daughter”a small group leader,a worship leader and a worker with the homless, is some crazy stupid “presure” to always “be ok!” its def true to say that it is not as much of a struggle as it used to be,but i still find it hard at hard here at times to admit to,talk about or admit to finding anything hard or feeling weak to anyone Except to James (My Hubby)
    This really encourages me to push through the fear of being vulnerable to leave the legacy you talked about,to the people i know in our church here,and to my Daughter!

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