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my new (old thing)

ok. this is exciting. my new (old thing) this week is…

our new house!!!

no. 10 the green, is a 3-bedroom, detached cottage on 1/3 acre of land in a small village just outside of bedford, called bromham. it is such a huge gift from god. for those of you who know and love our small terraced house, you will understand what a fantastic blessing of space this is for our little growing family. i would love to go into the whole story right now (its such a good one!), but i actually need to pack some boxes before this evening.

i will, i promise, tell the whole story sometime this week!!!

until then, rejoice with us in god’s extravagant provision, and pray that i can get all the packing done before moving day!!

i. am. so. excited.



  1. Oh, Sarah! I haven’t seen the inside and I’m already in love!!! So VERY excited for you! Looks like such a sweet and romantic cottage! You TOTALLY have to post pics of the inside! Congrats girl! God is good, is he not?!

  2. Kathy Mulkey

    It looks adorable, Sarah! I know you can’t wait to put your own touches on it. Looks like a great place to raise kiddos! Enjoy!

  3. Rebecca

    Its YOU! I love it. Can’t wait to hear the story. So excited for you and your little family!! Enjoy your gift from above!

  4. Robin Holland

    I’m living vicariously through you even though I have an amazing home too. This is sooooo cute and I’m sooooo excited for you!. The small village feel and having 1/3 acres and all are so charming! Love the blue…gonna keep it? Lovely!

    • robin, i think i will keep the blue! it is going to be amazing to live there. the house is not as big as it looks square footage wise, but we dont care! having 1/3 acre for the kids and a sunroom to enjoy it even when its cold will more than make up for it!!!!

      you and chuck should come over for tea sometime 😉

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