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my new (old thing)

i am seriously stoked about this weeks find!!! unfortunately, i can’t claim it as my own discovery. a friend of mine found it, get this, at the tip!!!! that’s the dump to us yanks, by the way.

who would throw this out i will never know.

it’s a fifth edition, hand-painted copy of the pilgrims progress by john bunyan.





no, i won’t shutup!!! what a find!! check out the inscription.

first of all, 1892? this book is 120 years old. i have no words…

second, we should all take penmanship again. it is a lost art. beautiful.

and, the last photo is for fun. a shout out to all the bedford gang! john bunyan was born about a mile from my house, and was imprisoned for sticking with his faith 2-minutes walk from my local coffee shop.

who says bedford isn’t a rockin’ place to live?!



  1. Megan Schell

    SHUT. UP! What was your friend doing in the tip? And what else was with this book? If somebody was throwing THIS gem out, what other masterpiece treasures were there??? You must get it appraised. Seriously. Especially with you living in his ‘hood. Wow. I’m so pumped for you! (ps-leave it to a book to bring me out of lurking mode ;)) xx

    • megs, there was lots more with this book. i really should get them appraised, but i dont know where to go! they threw out some tolstoy, dickens and hg wells too. one first edition, the rest just real old and cool but i think second or thirds…honestly. what the heck.

  2. Cindy MacIlvaine

    I love it when stubs actually gets in the photo! And of course Sam in the background!

  3. Kathy

    So fantastic!! I have a leather-bound book of Lord Byron’s poems with the inscription “Margaret Louthe, St. Valentine’s day 1863. From an Unknown Friend.” I would love to step back in time and see who these people are. Congratulations on your fantastic find!

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