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the thing about poetry…

…you have to know how to read it properly. this may sound silly, and it may well be. but i remember taking a class at baylor–religion and literature i believe–and in it, dr wood, taught us how to read poetry. he said it was important to read it with conviction, emotion, and, to pay attention to the punctuation, not the lines.

this little nugget actually has transformed the way i read poetry. now, honestly, it does not make sense to me why the lines and the punctuation do not match up sometimes in poetry. i didn’t major in poetry, i majored in writing. if any of you staying awakers do know the answer to this, i would love to hear it!

i do know that when i read poetry with conviction and i don’t stop when there isn’t a comma, and do when there is, it sounds different. inspiring. like i want to go read it from the top of a building or something cause it gets me to my core. like in the dead poets society, when robin williams says, ‘they didn’t just read poetry, they let it drip from their mouths, like honey.’ooooh yea. a good poem is like kerosine.

especially, especially! when i read alfred lord tennyson’s ulysses (click here for full text).

i. love. this. poem.

go on. read it outloud. and tell me you don’t want to go shout something from a rooftop afterwards.



  1. Sometimes lines and punctuation differ because the poetic form requires a certain number of syllables in each line. Yet the sense of the sentence might not correspond to the syllabic structure.

    • lol! dad, i knew you would know the answer! that makes sense. so now the question is. what syllabic structure was ulysses written in? 😉 i love you daddy. i think you should be nicknamed: rodipedia

  2. C

    love it – thanks for posting 🙂 needed something beautiful & thought provoking to start my morning

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