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my new (old thing)

this week’s installment of, my new (old thing), is dedicated to my mom, as its ‘mothering sunday’ here in the uk and she is probably the best mom in the whole world!

check out my new thermos flask!

i love it. i was inspired to look for one after a particularly cold morning at the park with the kids. my friend beth and i were sitting on a bench with our girls, watching our boys chase each other up and down slides, wishing we had some coffee to warm us up a bit.

i came home, searched ebay for a few minutes and fell in love with this one. its from the 70’s, when thermos was british-made. the lid is the cup (so sweet!!). and, get this. i made a cup of tea in it at 8am and, no lie, at 1pm when i went to clean it out, it was still so hot it burnt my hand a little. seriously.



  1. Kathy Mulkey

    I remember those. Yeah, they DID keep liquid hot. I find it amusing that the top cover also serving as a cup is a novelty to you. Guess I’m vintag, too. 🙂

    • i remember the lid to my little rainbow bright thermos in kindergarten being the cup as well, but i thought it was a kid thermos thing! i think its so fun that you just take it out and you have everything you need. beauty and practicality all rolled into one. fantastic!

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