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a shout out

i have decided i am periodically going to do this.

i know some incredible people. old friends and new. i often sit and muse about how fabulous it is to know them and then quietly go about my day. ok, backtrack. by quietly, i mean, i don’t talk about my musings. my days are insane, and sadly, almost never quiet!

i digress. things are all about to change. i am going to make it public. it’s about honour.

up first (or second actually because paul kellett has already received one for his super generosity and thoughtfulness) is elizabeth katherine mulkey griffin. i hesitate to even start describing this woman to you because, for those of you who know her, you know there are not enough beautifully complex adjectives in the english language for the task.

she is one of my best friends. i was her maid of honour. she is married to her perfect match. together they have beget 2 of the coolest toddlers i know. and when she misses me, she carries around a cardboard cutout of my face.

she is stunning in every way. beautiful. intelligent. fiery. feminine. passionate about politics. infuriated by injustice. creative. well spoken. deadly serious. randomly hilarious. she consistently surprises me.

and incidentally, she also blogs. if you want to get to know her, read it. you will be richer for it.


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