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(my new) old thing

this weeks feature is more like, (my old) old thing–as i have owned it for about 4 years–but there is a great story behind it and it is beeeautiful. it is also, quite possibly, my favourite (and most frequently used) vintage item.

introducing, my 1970’s, 6-string takamine

complete with mother-of-pearl embellishment and detailing

and a killer sound.

the great story is this: i love music and learned to play guitar on my dad’s 1970’s epiphone when i was around 17 yr old. i also love worshiping god, and had, timidly, lead worship a few times with borrowed guitars before i immigrated to the uk. when i moved to england, i was asked to join a worship band at the king’s arms, but needed a guitar before i could start leading. we had no money. at least not a grand or so to spend on a nice guitar. so we prayed. a few days later, my father-in-law rang up and said he wanted to give me his guitar. it was totally unexpected. and, to be honest, deep down, i was kinda thinking that the whole ‘no money’ thing was going to get me off the hook of doing something i was pretty scared of anyway. after getting over the fact that this meant i would indeed have to actually lead worship, i was pretty excited.

i was also expecting to get a mediocre guitar. one that ‘would do’. i had never seen brian’s guitar before, but i guess i just figured people don’t give away gems. needless to say, when i opened up the case and saw this beauty, i was blown away. not only did god answer our prayer, he hooked me up with this sweet, vintage number!

lessons learned: god knows me, he cares that i like vintage stuff, he is extravagant. the end.



  1. I know you don’t know me but I am enjoying your blog, thanks for taking the time to write. I sent you a post last week, just wondering if you would be interested in writing for Join the Journey at GCC??? I think the people who know and love you would enjoy what you have to say.

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