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the thing about worrying…

…it truly does get you nowhere. but it is so hard to stop once you get going! its like a steam train that can get very out of control, very quickly. and what hits the brakes? shopping? eating? sleeping? watching tv?

after trying each of these (in order!!) i have a sneaking suspicion that they are no better than blindfolds, helping me to forget, momentarily, that in fact my mind is still racing into a worried frenzy.

so, what to do?

‘do not worry, but pray, and the peace of God, which passes understanding, will guard your heart and mind…’

my rough paraphrase, but you get the gist. if i can’t get my head around something, and it freaks me out. i need to put down the dark chocolate, hide the remote, navigate away from ebay and pray!

most likely, afterwards, my head still won’t ‘be around it’. but at least i will have a little peace–as opposed to bigger hips, a headache and an overdraft.


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