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(my new) old thing

happy anniversary to us! love seven years in the making. its fabulous. its steadily getting better. its going to be another good year with my best friend!

and considering what i woke up to this morning, i am also using today to launch my fun, new, sunday blog feature: (my new) old thing

favourite flowers and a sweet anniversary card

in a looooovely vintage, habitat, lime green pitcher (courtesy of ebay)!

(my new) old thing was inspired by my love for cute, vintage stuff. i know, i know, who doesn’t love vintage these days-but this is more than just about a passing trend for me. vintage is one-of-a-kind style for clothing and housewares. i love the uniqueness of it. you rarely see the same face twice! another huge pull for me is that vintage is the single most environmentally friendly way to consume. remember that little motto from elementary school? reduce, reuse, recycle?! reusing old stuff reduces waste and the carbon footprint. fabulous. incidentally, it is usually the most economical way to consume as well. hello credit crunch! thrifting (uk definition: charity shopping) is cheap and the items you find are usually of good quality. unique, green and thrifty, you cant beat that!



  1. Cindy MacIlvaine

    I love you Sarah MacIlvaine Oliver!!! Happy Anniversary to you and Richard!! Seven years is a great milestone, and I love watching the two of you grow in your relationship. You two are AMAZING!!!! I look forward to your weekly blogposts.

  2. Elizabeth Griffin

    Adorable pitcher. Happy Anniversary & yea for Sunday blogging!

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