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the thing about valentine’s day…

…it’s more inspiring than i realised. seriously, listen to this: st. valentine was murdered this day in AD 270 for refusing to renounce his christian beliefs and stop performing marriages in secret after the roman emperor, claudius II, cancelled all marriages and engagements in rome due to his belief that unattached men made better soldiers than husbands and fathers…i disagree completely, but that is another post. the pope then set aside the 14 feb in AD 496 to honour st valentine, although the holiday was not widely celebrated until the middle ages, increasing momentum in the 18th century. Although traditionally a day celebrated by lovers, it has different meanings throughout the world. for example, in finland the day marks the honouring of friends, not lovers.

it seems to me that in the face of an emperor determined to snuff out love, honour and family relationships in order to create a more calloused, unaffected people, st valentine recognised the value of loving relationships (romantic and plutonic) and felt that the preservation of them was worth his life.

good man.


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