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the thing about tea…

…it sucks. the boston tea party was a brilliant moment in american history. i always loved the story. rebellion and outrageous statement against the injustices of the british rule and taxation. come on! if i had been alive then, i for sure would have donned some feathers and thrown a few crates of pg tips into the sea. it was a fantastic ‘screw you’ that impacted my life more than you might think. it was the moment we yankees decided to find a new hot drink of choice. a moment that, quite possibly, helped birth america’s love of coffee.

and. i. am. a. coffee. snob.

unashamedly so. life is too short to drink bad coffee, and i live in a country where there is more instant coffee on the supermarket shelves than beans, where a latte from a press button machine is a ‘treat’. there is freaking tea everywhere.

come my friends, ’tis not late to seek a newer world!

i have some ideas up my sleeve folks and i have sourced the finest coffee roasted in england for the soon-to-be-named coffee shop. this time next year bedford, england is going to rock the coffee scene.

bring. it. on.



  1. Abi

    I have to agree with PK – I LOVE Earl Grey. And chai too. Pleeeease have some quality teas as well as the coffee. Pretty please!

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