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it’s been a long time, been a long time coming

hello. i have not forgotten to blog. i did not lose interest after 5 posts. i have been super busy with work, and although plenty of everyday, mommy-stuff has happened, like my good friend Faith Dwight (please read her blog, it’s amazing on so many levels), i refuse to be simply a mommy blogger.

so that is why there has been web silence for a week. sorry to anyone who had gotten hooked…if you are out there…

saying that, it occurred to me that i have not written about what i do and the reason for all the busyness. and i LOVE what i am doing right now. it is so life-giving and is keeping me very much ‘awake’. (you like how i am tying each post back into the title? eh? eh?).

i am spending my spare time working on 2 cool projects and daydreaming about/planning 2 more.

project 1: i am consulting and assisting an interior designer on a huge project. and i mean huge. it’s a £1.6 million factory that is being remodeled into a community building. it is seriously cool. the best part is that the interior designer i am working with just happens to be one of my closest friends. we chose auditorium chair frames and fabrics this week, redesigned the bathrooms for the 4th time–it kept coming in over budget but i think we have cracked it–and are close to finalizing colors and wall decor for the auditorium. next up, carpets to match the chairs. this project is creative, challenging and i am learning so much about myself through it all. we have a long way to go, so the excitement won’t end anytime soon!

project 2: a personal dream of over 8 years is finally coming to life after 2 false starts. i am helping to open a coffee house! the business strategy document is finished, the branding is underway–courtesy of my super-hot, super-talented hubby, Richard Oliver–and a meeting with one of the future directors is set for mid-september to set shop refurb and opening times. i am beyond ecstatic about this and you will hear tons about it at it unfolds. i mean seriously…

i started to go into detail about my 2 exciting possible future projects but, thinking twice, and not trusting you idea stealers out there–you know who you are ;)–i’m keeping them in my top-secret file for now. all i will say is this: i am partnering with 2 of my favorite people and coffee and handmade, crafty things are on the agenda.

so that’s that. i love my projects and if you stick with me, you will get to see them come to life!

here’s to dreaming, making them happen and working with friends!



  1. DesignerMum

    So honoured to be one of your favourite people!!! I’m lovin working and being friends with you too!

  2. E

    Yay!!! What exciting news! I remember discussing this dream with you back in our house on 10th. So glad you’re able to make it happen. I’ll stay tuned for updates!

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