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the list: thing 1

so i’ve been thinking about deliberate living, staying awake, etc, and have decided that one fantastic way to do this is to make a list. a list of all the things i enjoy. a list of all those things that make me smile inside. a list of what i love doing. a list of things that get me thinking.

they need to range from the enjoyable, fun and comedic, to thought provoking, simplifying, interesting. hopefully the act of making this list will increase my interaction with my own life and help remind me of what i love doing and who i am when i have had a day in which i have forgotten–very easily done with my 2 kids around!

my first ‘thing’ is this:

i love cooking. love it. i love jamie oliver. i used to cook a new meal every night when richard and i first got married. it was so much fun. i have gotten out of the habit of this as, well lets be honest, its completely unrealistic when you have 2 young children. but i miss cooking. i miss experimenting. and to add more difficulty, i am an idealist, so if i can’t cook a new meal everyday, its not good enough. not really helping myself out now am i? BUT! i have come up with a solution.

6 reliable meals a week. easy staples that i can do in 20 minutes when the day has been less than relaxing, and 1 day a week i experiment. i cook a new recipe. this is going to be fun!

here’s to not letting all the crazy take you under 🙂


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