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i love my kids. love them. i would not trade my life now for my life before they were here. even if it is hectic, frantic, challenging in every area imaginable and super messy. they are also charming, magical, hilarious and a joy to be around.

i am saying this because i feel like my last 2 posts could seem like i regret them or something. this is not the case. i am a mother to 2 amazing kiddos. i just need to retain the other parts of me that were there before them too. i need to not forget myself. this is my adventure. this is my life. they are part of it. a huge part of it. but not all of it.

my mom used to have something on her mirror that read: ‘if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy’. i am fighting to stay awake for my sake and theirs.


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